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Power Posse
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The History of the Power Posse:

The Power Posse was born on a Friday the 13th during our year of 8th grade. Specifically, it started with five, grew to seven, and then eight. Not to mention our honorary members (you know who you are, and we love you).

Over the course of our friendship, we've had our share of quarrels, and pointless arguments, just as any other friendship would endure. We're all kinda ditzy. But all seriousness aside, the times we most focus on are the ones that really matter.
Random sniffing of people at the mall.
Running around like idiots.
Scaring strangers.
Our time with magick.
Traditional exchanging gifts at Christmas.
Making movies.
And TV shows.
And everything else we've done...

Correcting a common misconception, we don't keep to ourselves. We all have friendships outside of the group as well as in the group.

We've always been there for each other through the laughs as well as the hardships.

Like the Effects of Flame to Wax and Wax to Flame...

Get ready, High School.
Here we come.

Power Posse [PP]
Bosom Buddies [BB]
Chaos Crew [CC]

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*puja* *michael*
*jessica* *michele* *emily*

don't break the connection...