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Hot Wax
Always Remember the Flame...
Well, Joanna got that whole story telling thing down because she's… 
13th-Sep-2005 06:37 pm

Well, Joanna got that whole story telling thing down because she's amazing like that so I'm not going to recap because we all know what a great 3 years this has been.

Happy anniversary to you all!!!

And an early happy anniversary to you know who's because you're just AMAZINGLY AWESOME CRAZY COOL too!!!

I wish i had like an encyclopedia or a book of like every single inside joke we ever made cuz then we could go back and just read it any time we wanted and just pee ourselves.

From the good times to the bad, you guys have basically just always been there for me...whether it was all 8 of you, or a portion of you..the power posse has been involved in every instance of my life for the past 3 years...it's so hard to believe that we've been BEST FRIENDS for 3 whole years..just saying it out loud is just amazing because of all the times I've moved...3 years is the longest I've had a best friend ever because I have to say goodbye so much.


One last I love you's before I go.

I love you ALL!

14th-Sep-2005 12:48 am (UTC)
love you back!
i wish we all had a book of inside jokes too lol that would be so awesome and funny
i'm glad that you're still here Puja and not in texas lol <3
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